RMG is based upon work supported by the Department of Energy, Office of Basic Energy Sciences through grant DE-FG02-98ER14914 and by the National Science Foundation under Grants No. 0312359 and 0535604.

Project Supervisor:

Current Developers: (

  • Joshua W. Allen
  • Dr. Beat A. Buesser
  • Caleb A. Class
  • Connie Gao
  • Amrit Jalan
  • Dr. Murat Keceli
  • Shamel S. Merchant
  • Dr. Yury Suleymanov
  • Prof. Richard H. West
  • Nathan Yee

Original Developer:

  • Dr. Jing Song

Previous Developers:

  • Dr. Gregory R. Magoon
  • Jeffrey D. Mo
  • Dr. Michael R. Harper
  • Dr. C. Franklin Goldsmith
  • Dr. Sandeep Sharma
  • Dr. Robert W. Ashcraft
  • Dr. Gregory J. Beran
  • Dr. David M. Matheu
  • Dr. Sumathy Raman
  • Dr. Joanna Yu
  • Sarah Petway
  • Dr. Paul E. Yelvington
  • Dr. John Wen
  • Andrew Wong
  • Dr. Hsi-Wu Wong
  • Prof. Kevin M. Van Geem

RMGVE Developer:

  • John Robotham

Special thanks for helpful error reports:

  • Rajesh D. Parmar
  • Dr. Seyed-Abdolreza Seyed-Reihani
  • Dr. Yu Shi
  • Dr. Yushi Suzuki
  • Aaron Vandeputte
  • Dr. Stijn Vranckx
  • Dr. Steven Zabarnick

How to cite

To cite RMG, please refer to this website: William H. Green, Joshua W. Allen, Beat A. Buesser, Robert W. Ashcraft, Gregory J. Beran, Caleb A. Class, Connie Gao, C. Franklin Goldsmith, Michael R. Harper, Amrit Jalan, Murat Keceli, Gregory R. Magoon, David M. Matheu, Shamel S. Merchant, Jeffrey D. Mo, Sarah Petway, Sumathy Raman, Sandeep Sharma, Jing Song, Yury Suleymanov, Kevin M. Van Geem, John Wen, Richard H. West, Andrew Wong, Hsi-Wu Wong, Paul E. Yelvington, Nathan Yee, Joanna Yu; “RMG - Reaction Mechanism Generator v4.0.1”, 2013,

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